This has been an on going project over the last year or so,

As many people know Oxford does suffer with Air pollution issues on some of the heavily congested streets such as george street and st aldates. The Nitrious Oxide emissions currently breach EU standards (although with brexit i doubt this will matter soon) but it’s a matter we believe still needs solving to make oxford a more liveable city in the future.

Plus, i dont fancy huffing exhaust fumes whilst making deliveries really, leaves a nasty taste in the mouth

I would like to be able to show how much co2 and no2 emissions our cargobikes are really saving and show the difference we can make. Showing the saving each day / month / year and measure how much we are helping to solve this issue.

This is easier said than done in practise, the best method we have some up with so far is to use the data from our gps tracking units (with new units being installed this weekend) take the distance we ride and do a simple comparison to if a van covered this distance, how much pollution in the form of Co2 and No2 it would emit, saying we have saved this much. The plan being to show this data in real time and display it on our website. We want to include our solar power generation from our office in the future too alongside this to show our green commitment

This, although a good starting point to look at co2 and no2 data is going to be rather inaccurate though, it doesn’t factor in a number of elements such as:

  • Speed, including inner city driving style of stop start [we maybe able to factor this is at a later stage]
  • The fact a van will cover a larger distance (due to in-accessable areas, one way streets, parking issues etc)
  • Different types of vans, some polluting more than others [best solution is to take the most widely use van we most often replace]

I’m open to ideas and contributions to better methods of collecting this data and making it more accurate, ill make this a post to update in the future.

Intergrating this data and linking it to our deliveries in our courier software, we maybe able to show which business’s are saving the most c02 and n02 in the future which i believe software called provides and gave us the idea in the first place

I’ll try and check back in a few weeks when we have some data collected and to play with