I’ve been thinking into the relationship between delivery and the general public, mainly why i haven’t felt the need to engage or advertise towards the public. Simply our services are designed for business’s to use however i don’t see why this can’t change?

I’ve come to realise being cost effective, reliable and efficient is what business’s prioritise and why many business’s are beginning to use our services locally vs there own vans or other courier services and word is beginning to spread. Our services are targeted at business’s at present as they deliver the most so it makes sense so we rarely engage directly with the general public beyond a 30 second encounter at the door  of the delivery and brief chat about the bike which is usually received really positively from my days riding around and delivering to people.

If the public see our delivery services as something really positive using cargo bikes and they want to see it more in the city of Oxford, why should this be dictated by business’s needs, shouldn’t the people be able to have a say?

I’ve started with actually quantifying public opinion, something small, with each delivery we do for local business’s to customers in Oxford, we provide the option to leave feedback about their experience. We have over 25 reviews now, all 5 star, all overwhelmingly positive which i think really says something significant. when your feeling angry or frustrated, you want to complain/leave feedback/have your voice heard, but when your happy/satisfied it takes a lot more i believe to click that feedback button and say something positive, i may have to give chocolate or something in return as a thank you really

I know that just because people think the use of cargo bikes is great, it doesn’t necessarily mean they need to send goods or use our services, however there seems to be a gap emerging in collection services in general and what could give a way for the public to be more involved. The post office is the most commonly used place to send a parcel from still (from my knowledge anyway) but suffers from long queues, inconvenient locations, inconvenient opening hours with some people unable to access them too. Big courier companies do offer home collections of parcels mainly for ebayer’s but use vans and will encounter congestion etc within the dense areas of ox1-ox4 in Oxford and the service and reliability can be less than satisfactory.

So what if as a member of the public you could send your parcel nationally or internationally with us at pedal and post? You book and pay easily online and we collect your parcel at a convenient time to you, take it back to our depot in west oxford and then on forward it with a big courier company from there?

Advantages are:

  • You can easily price compare between every big carrier for the best price
  • You can call our local team with any parcel concerns, we’ll deal with the big call centres for you
  • If lots of individual people send parcels with us, we can gain trade discounts for all
  • Most importantly, it helps congestion, air pollution, road safety and parking issues within Oxford, as our cargo bikes collect and it keeps vans out.
  • (if your new to the blog, 51% of all city deliveries could be delivered by cargo bike, just as a heads up based on an EU study into cycle logistics, google it)

We are keen to begin rolling this out when we have completed the software updates we need for our website but this gives us a cause to engage the public directly, to get on the main high streets with our cargo bikes and show our passion to change the status quo of vans making deliveries, show the benefits to cargo bikes and go make some noise about it

We believe in moving goods in a sustainable way for the future and making Oxford a more livable city, we will make it happen with business and public support

(local councils are next…)